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Mission Statement Review:

HCLP Community Outreach is dedicated to provide opportunities for Howard County residents to participate in the game of Lacrosse.

Mission objective is accomplished by:

  1. Promoting awareness of the Howard County Lacrosse Program
  2. Providing access to game resources, ex. Equipment, Clinic sessions, Parent/Volunteer coaching development.
  3. Developing relationships with other community sports programs, ex. Football

September-October Activity

  1. Setting up Meetings with fall sports programs
    • Advisory board contacts for Steelers & Terps
    • Meeting 10/12 with Baltimore City girls Lacrosse Non profit organization 13thgirl.com to discuss and obtain insight
  2. Conducted conference call to discuss eastern county participation ideas
    • Pat Youngs-President, Jack Milani, and Jake Chestnut
  3. Complete Qtr Goals
    • Participation and Activitiy Ideas
    • Game Demos
    • Player Clinics- East and Central County Middle Schools Program
    • Spring Open House
    • Player, Coaches, Volunteer HCLP Showcase
    • Current player/Invite a player promotion
    • Fee assistance, scholarships and playing Grants