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HC Lax Opening Day Letter
April 20, 2017   Dear Parents,   Welcome...
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HC Lax Opening Day Letter

April 20, 2017


Dear Parents,


Welcome to the 2017 HCLax season! We are all excited to have our 2017 Opening Day,

and we know that the players and coaches have been working hard to put fun and exciting lacrosse on display.


For the 2017 spring season, the Howard County Lacrosse Program (HCLP) has registered 1850 children between the ages of 4 and 14 this year. We will have 90 teams on the fields this year! We would like to thank all the coaches, which this year is close to 400!!


All of our coaches are required to pass the American Sports Education Program Class,

the National Federation of High Schools Concussion Program and are background

checked by the Howard County Recreation and Parks Department. The coaches also

attend in house training sessions conducted by coaches from the program and the local

high schools.


We also want to thank the HCLP Board for all the work that went into getting this season started. All of the Board Members, Age Group Coordinators and Coaches are volunteers, as they give up their time for the love of the game and the opportunity to pass on this great game of lacrosse to another generation.


In order to continue to promote a positive environment for all, HCLP requires parents to

adhere to the following rules:


• All spectators are to be on the opposite side of the field as players. Coaches will

be required to ask you to move if you are on the player’s side.

• All comments directed to players must be positive and encouraging.

• Please do not direct any comments or make any gestures toward game Officials.

• If you have any concerns with playing time, coaches’ decisions, etc., please wait

24 hours after your initial concern, and then schedule time with Coach to discuss

these concerns. These discussions should not be held in front of players.

• In the event of a situation that cannot be resolved with your coach, please notify

your Age Group Coordinator.


We are very fortunate in Howard County to have the best facilities in the area, and a

local government that believes in youth sports and creating a top-notch environment

for our children to play in. We ask of all of our parents to lead by example for the

children, and model positive sportsmanship, and show civic responsibility in keeping

our parks and facilities clean, safe and great place to have family fun. Any type of behavior that does not create a positive experience for all players, coaches and spectators will not be tolerated at our game and practice sites. We are always going to put the children first and take whatever actions are necessary in order to provide them with a positive environment.


In closing we would encourage you to visit www.HClacrosse.com to stay connected with

the season as it unfolds, and take note our generous sponsors who support the

program. Please remember throughout the season to frequent our sponsors as they provide so much for our program. Any comments or suggestions you may have to improve the program can be communicated via the website as contact information can be found there. Please remember that we are an organization of parent volunteers under the supervision of Howard County Recreation and Parks.


Have a Great Season!



Charlie Fleck                         Mike Thompson                      Rob Ferrer

President                              Girls Executive VP                  Boys Executive VP

HCLP                                    HCLP                                     HCLP

by posted 04/20/2017
HCLP Sponsors

by posted 04/20/2017
HCLP Spirit Wear Store Open!

Please visit the HCLP Spirit Wear Store (or click on Spirit Wear in the lefthand menu) if you are interested in purchasing any spirit wear.  The Store will be open until April 23, 2017.

by posted 04/08/2017
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